Custom Game Issue

Greetings! So I created a custom game using a CTF variant i created for custom multiplayer. When i start the game and load in, i do not start with the weapon type i created. Why? Its for CE and is some good ol heavies CTF, which was wildly popular back in CE’s original PC days. You dont start with heavies at all, you start with regular weapon loadout. Also, is the fuel rod not a thing with this version of heavies preset they have given us? Heavies to me is: RL, FR, Flamethrower and nades of course. Thanks!

I actually have a few tickets set up on the Support site regarding this.
Correct me if this isn’t what your problem is, but the weapon set setting only affects what weapons appear on the map. If you want to have custom primary and secondary starting weapons, you can change those individually in the gametype settings.

As for the Fuel Rod Cannon, it is not currently included in the starting weapon sandbox. Bummer. :pensive: I’ve submitted a support ticket on this specifically, and 343 have been engaged on it.
You CAN make it appear on the map however, by enabling heavies (as you have done) and turning Classic Weapons Off… or whatever the alternate option is.

Maybe? Last night was my first time attempting to create a custom server but im pretty sure i have everything set correctly.
In the custom multiplayer section that allows for you to create custom games for LANs and Friends, ive created in there a ‘game type/variant’ that is called CTF Heavies. Now when i start that and load in it works as it should. You load in with a ‘custom’ starting weapon, the rocket launcher. Its when i do the exact same thing with Custom Servers, that it doesnt work. Instead i load in with regular weapons. I choose the 6 maps, i choose CTF Heavies in the list of game types, etc etc and it doesnt work. The only thing i need to check is what you said, turning Classic Weapons off (turns out i already had that changed). Even though you suggested that for the fuel rod, maybe that would fix the issue? Im gonna try it real quick to see if it does.

**Ok so ive tried this every which way i can think of and the results end up being the same for the Custom Server Created only. One thing i do notice now that i did not notice before is when i load in it says ‘Pre-Game’ in the lower right… does that have any significance as to whether you should start with the custom weapons or not? Because the pre game should start you off with w/e custom weapon setting you have saved for the server youve created, not something completely different.

Interesting what you pointed out with the Pre-Game. I wonder if the weapons really are different during that.
I’ll check it out when I get a chance.

Yup! turns out the Pre-Game will always start you out with default weapons. The same will happen to custom spawns in Forge-altered maps. Once you get enough people to begin the actual match, it will load you with your correct weapons. :tada:

I kind of wish they’d add an option to choose whether your custom lobby has pregames enabled or not.

Sometimes it’s nicer to have the old lobby system where people chat and hang out deciding what they wanna play next.

Well, thats a positive at least. Thanks for doing the leg work and finding out if its really so or not. Been busy. And yes as Omega pointed out, it would be nice to not even have pre-games if we chose. Custom clan runs servers back in the day didnt have them and could just start the server with no one in it if they wanted but should at least start with no pregame with you ‘hosting’. That way people arent thrown off thinking they joined something they didnt select because of the default weapons.

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