Custom Game help: Oddball

Is there a way to mock Assault in Oddball instead of Grifball?

Grifball’s broken Game Options makes it impossible to remove the “Kill” waypoint above the head of the ball carrier. I’m making a gametype, named Ghostball, which has the carrier being in Good Camo all the time. I created the game in Halo 3 and decided to try to bring it back again. But since there is no Assault, and Grifball is bugged, I didn’t know if the Capture Plates in Forge could be used to mimic assault in a regular Oddball game.

You can’t test captures alone, so I was hoping someone could just tell me if its possible. Or am I just screwed until Grifball is fixed or real Assault is added?

There is no goal functionality in Oddball.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a plug, but you might find my Custom Game Option Browser to be of use. It documents every available Custom Game option in Halo 4. It may help to give you a sense of what the game allows you to create.