Custom game groups?

Are there any custom game groups in the halo 5 community? I want to play some fun miny games and share the ones I make. I wouldn’t mind forming my own custom game group if none are out there somewhere.

We run a regular custom games night and have a set of expert forgers in our midst.
Would you be interested in joining another company?

The Blue Dream Team
Looking for players of all skill levels and all playlists. No requirement needed msg Happy Hour H3r0 or search The Blue Dream Team if interested hit me up to join the fun :slight_smile: Almost half of our squad including myself has/had a champion. The company really needs people that like to play warzone tho and is now accepting anyone, if you were denied or removed your welcome to join and stay as long as you like. We mostly play Arena/Customs but get down on some Warzone for warm ups n when were real baked. SOOOO leave your lame company cause were better/cooler, alright, PEACE.

Merges are welcome and promotions available

You should check out Forge.World. We are a community built around Forge and Custom games. It is a place where you can post your maps and find other maps to play. I am a big fan of mini game, and I’m just about done finishing one. I would love to see some of your mini games posted there.

We run a weekly event called Tuesday Night Tests (TNT). It allows forgers to test the maps/mini games they are working on. The next one is tonight, so if you want to meet some of our community, you should check it out.