Custom Game Customisations

Hey, so I am loving the game so far.

I have a few questions, whether or not answers are available at this stage is fine by me, but I am a needy person and would love some sort of response so I have something extra to look forward to.

Are there any plans in the near future to update custom game settings? I imagine it might be closer to the forge release date. I’d love the idea to practice with the grapple hook more in different maps, and also force certain vehicles to spawn instead of others, even set which power weapons are spawning.

Another thing that could be cool is to modify each teams loadout, or players vs bot loadouts.

One other thing, separate question: Will we have the ability to add our Ranked Emblem to our Spartan ID and Armours, or is it only available, and will it only stay available for the Weapons?

That’s all.


I would definitely like to believe 343 is working on the serious issues with Custom Games and options that aren’t in the option menu.
But with most of the Halo Community constantly complaining about cosmetic stuff that needs to be fix over the actually major problems in the game. I would be surprised if 343 fix the game first before the fixing the cosmetic stuff. :expressionless:


I am sure they will be, just wait and see when it comes, and hopefully they notify us all soon with plans at least :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to make custom modes and I am quite disappointed with how much is lacking. It’s quite frustrating because even with the customization which is there it won’t work sometimes. I keep trying to change something but it keeps reverting. It’s buggy and feels very unfinished, which it is. Seems to be the meta now. Waste time on releasing the game and creating cosmetics instead of finishing the game and polishing it. Like you said I hope they at least let us know what their plans are. It is a free game so I suppose we get what we pay for.

I, and I am sure like many others - would have been happy to pay for the game. 343 were the ones who decided to make the game free. With that said, I have given them my money.

Also, I noticed the custom game glitch as well. I found that if you create a custom game mode, and then save a copy of that game mode. If you load the copy you saved straight away, you might need to make changes again straight away. Do that, and then instead of save as copy, just save file. If you do it that way, it will always override your new settings with your original settings.

If you toggle on overrides, you can see how it freaks out. I had a custom game mode that said I had 3 primary weapons.