Custom game (Browser) Needs Fixing

There are a couple recurring glitches and problems with the customs browser system as well as custom games in general. Here are my main gripes:

1 - Lack of custom game details
I find it very annoying when I join a ‘Slayer’ custom game only to find that it’s an unlimited time/score assassination arena someone threw together without renaming the file. At minimum, I would like the browser to tell me the set match length, number of rounds, and score to win, so I can at least guess what’s going on inside. I like joining games that are enjoyable, but also have an end, so I can have fun while also working toward my Timmy helmet, and putting this additional info in the browser would greatly help players with similar interests to find the game for them.

2 - Large games are nearly impossible to join
A fairly common issue I have is one where attempting to join a game with 14+ players almost always results in connection failure. The game says I failed to connect to the host and boots me back to the main menu. In my opinion, large games are the most chaotic and fun, but this consistent failure to connect spoils that fun. If there is any way to fix this, please do.

3 - Game freezes at specific times
No exceptions, the game will always temporarily freeze when a player exits a custom game, and will almost always permanently freeze immediately after the conclusion of a custom game. Many people are experiencing this and have voiced their complaints, so there’s no need to delve deeper into this. Fix it, please.

4 - Custom game setup is inefficient
I may seem to be nitpicking at this point, but I find the custom game settings to be very cluttered and confusing. After taking over as the host after the previous one quit, I searched the settings for the one that disabled ‘bottomless clip,’ and since custom game players are not patient in the slightest, I had little time to search and couldn’t find it. In addition, I find that multiple-choice settings, such as starting weapons, are quite inefficient, since you are essentially looking through every weapon in the game one at a time to find the one you’re looking for. This is also a problem in Forge, there has to be a more efficient way on Xbox to scroll through weapons faster.

Thanks for reading through my pile of complaints, if there are any other common problems you have with custom games and the browser system, feel free to post it here. Have a nice day.

  1. Before you join a game in the browser, move the right thumbstick left/right and take note of the little bit of details in the rightmost pane. There isn’t much, but you can see time elapsed, and whether or not the game is set to unlimited rounds (something that should be frowned upon, because yes games should have an end and not be subject to being held hostage by the host; one to two games in an hour of play is ridiculous and hosts should be getting 6-10 games per hour to keep their lobbies interested and engaged in play).

2, 3, and 4, I agree with fully!