Custom Game Browser + Forge Will Help Save Infinite

Both of these together are what makes Halo so replayable for years, they should be very high priorities.

With Forge there is less stress on the devs to constantly pump out new content as the community will be able to make a lot of its own content.

With Custom Games Browser adding more social playlists becomes less important as people will be able to search for exactly what they want. No need for adding playlists for Infection, Grfiball, etc. because people will be able to search directly for it. And hopefully that would negate the UI limitations that 343 have stated are the problem with adding more playlists.

Both of these add more replay aspect and social value to the game and are desperately needed.

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Sounds good to me


I just hope custom game browser and Forge launch simultaneously. Each one needs the other in order to be meaningful additions to the game.


Agreed on all fronts!

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They’ve announced that a CGB is in early Development…in other Words, it will probably take at least 1 Year before it makes it’s way to the Game.

Which is obviously a huge Mistake, because it was without a Doubt one of the best Additions to MCC & H5.
Generally Speaking, it is very frustrating that 343 doesn’t know how to properly prioritize their In-Game Features for a healthy Population.


Infiniti is done, the population is gone and wont come back. Also other great games being released. Theres a reason other live service games games release a new edition every year to recapture players.


  • very limited content
    -limited playlists
    -broken customs/theatre/bad party system
    -no forge, waypoint stats
    -poor ranking/no progression system (focuses on k/d)
    -poor/locked customization/no classic maps
    -poor netcode/desync/forced crossplay
  • no pre/post lobbies, push to talk controller
    -poor ui, lack of turn off options for players
    -annoying challenge system that alters natural gameplay

ect. ect… Had 20x more fun and much better experience in previous Halos… Remember halo4s pop died in 6months cuz 343 chose to release it without a rank system? Once they did it was too late. H2/H3 mp was way better than this.


co-op also adds replay value. lan + splitscreen.