Custom Game Bot Matches

I have been a HUGE Halo fan since the beginning of Halo.I think it would be kinda neat if 343 added a bot match in custom games where you can go against bots and have them on your team in case no friends where on or you didnt have enough and you wanted to practice against bots. This would be a fun addition i think to an Already Extremely GOOD looking game in Team Slayer, Infinity Slayer, etc. Agree or Disagree?

Confirmed that this isn’t happening in Halo 4.

Fighting against player bots is somewhat redundant since there’s already a mode for fighting AI opponents.

Aw wow! Cant believe i didnt know this lol srry my bad :frowning:

Ya thats true idk ive always thought it be cool idea and i see how it would be redundant lol. There gonna be so many awesome new additions so im not bothered about this.

The problem with bots is that you can only programme them to work in specific environments. Since all multiplayer maps can be altered via Forge then all the bots won’t be able to recognise the different layouts and may end up running into objects because by default they think it’s not there.

Also, with the ability to jump and be launched into the air from something like an explosion or merely getting pushed by an object, the bots will have trouble knowing that it’s even possible for something to be jumped over and will either not know of any height advantage or will think anything can be reached by jumping and will be jumping up into a wall.

Gears of War 3 works with bots because of the limited movement and map placement. They can programme the bots to notice all forms of cover and entrances since they won’t be able to be altered.

Sorry kid, I made a thread like this Long-ago before they started announcing/confirming things (even before E3). I was also devastated to hear that they weren’t gonna have them. ;(

Ya i mean its still Amaing without bot matches and i do agree and undertstand about the movement on maps, explosions, etc. And thank you for clarifying about programming in Halo and Gears of War. Oh and ya it sucks it wont be here and i was late to the party about this info haha but thanks for comments and info.