Custom Game Australian Players

Hello, I’m looking for some Australian Halo players, mainly for Custom Game. I want to try out some different gametypes or regular gametypes with different settings and tweaks. Also counting re-designed maps with Forge.

Mainly interested in open-minded players who can offer decent feedback. Not really interested in hyper-competitive players wanting a fix to prove they’re better.

If we find a gem or a new way to approach games we could share it with the Halo community to get their feedback and possibly get them implemented into regular matchmaking if the demand for it is strong :slight_smile:

I want Australian players because the answer is obvious for Australian players, but for everyone else it’s to reduce lag down for better fair games.

Sounds good. Fiend request?

Hey, I’m an Australian Halo player, i’m mostly in invasion but i’ve been playing more customs and i have a bunch of Australian friends who always play custom games i can get you in touch with.

I’m a really good player, and I’ve been playing Halo since it existed so if your looking for feedback and that sort of thing i think i could be of help.

feel free to add me.

So long as everybody is openminded enough to try new gametypes and options. A lot of the time when an idea is presented, everybody immediately dismisses it as “n00b”, “casual” or “un-competitive”. Even if they haven’t tried the gametypes themselves.

Once someone on my playlist created a rather unique map that a lot of “top-pro” players quit out of soon after grabbing the sniper and getting a few headshots. Didn’t offer any kind of feedback.