"Custom Game Alliance". play custom games!

I made a clan for custom games and forge. There is a problem with halo reach and halo 4 for me. the custom games are great and forge is too, but the problem is there is NOBODY to play them with.

My goal with this clan is to make it easy to play large custom games with multiple groups of people so we all ways have a group to custom game with. I want to bring custom games back to the halo 2 and 3 glory days when you saw more people online in CG’s than in matchmaking. Do not get me wrong though, we will play matchmaking too so we always have a group to win with because I am sure we do not like random chance win and losses like it seems when u join matchmaking solo.

As a member of this clan you will have access to the best group of custom game fans possible and never run out of fun little games to play or not have enough people to play them well.

We are “Halo Custom Gamerz” reborn with a new high quality website and new name!

If link does not work manually copy paste this address into the url:


To Join clan go to website. You wont be an official member unless registered to the site in the site link
Custom Game Alliance website
If you have any questions or need to talk to me my GT is “KILL ME GUYS” on XBL
go ahead and message me on xbox too if you want in on the clan. I really wanna bring back the fun of custom games of H3. Reach was a great forge but horrible activeness and was never big custom matches to play…

Hello, my gamertag is BeavisTheButt. I have played Halo since CE and have played all the others in the franchise. It suffers me that there are no custom games out there in Halo 4; I would be willing to help with any testing or forging to jumpstart map making. As for how long I would play a custom game? Well, depends on how fun it is! lol

ur in. ill add u on xbox

i updated this thread. made website and clan is now legit

I would only like 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 customs. Is that possible?

Add me BriB0rg the “O” is a zero.

yes but you should register with site its free n easy to do. its how im organizing clan. ur not in clan until u regiser sites brand new got 7 members atm. now im just getting ppl to register with site. probally have plenty by end of week

I’m totally doing this! custom game revival!

they have some good custom games

Joined your site, I’m ready to play!

i have about 4 people that want to play customs… we do not want to join ur clan just looking for people to play with… if thats cool then send me a FR and we will play some, hope to hear from u and light it up on some CG


I been playing since Halo2, Custom games was what everyone played it was fun and not even halo 3 lived up to what was halo 2 co op. Id like to join Halo 4 has potential.


Joined and loving it!

BTW, when will the next community game night be? I’d love to play the maps already submitted.

Thankful and full of joy,
-Some weird hobo living in Mitt Romney’s ventilation system

I suggest this clan to any wanting to become a future operator of a soon-to-be-widely-renown clan.

me and my friends like to play CG but we do not want to join ur clan if thans cool then send me a FR

Loving the clan! Cheers!

Just lettin u know I joined and im excited to start playin!

just what i was looking for, i would like to join. Forum name is gamertag. add me please!