custom/forge game additions

what new custom/forge game additions would you like to see.

heres some ideas i would like:


1. custom traits for weapons, so when your in forge you can put any weapon on the map and tweak the player traits for when someone is using that weapon. and maybe a way to change the weapons skin or players appearance to show the player has the special. for example just like the changes made to the new energy sword. you could tweak your own.

2. ability to disable sprint and/or each spartan abilities.

3. armor abilities added some fun custom games. i wouldn’t mind them for customs.

4. custom loadouts, and the ability to revive a fallen team member. mainly for infection. plague!

5. adjust vehicle speed, for crazy race game types.

5.5 ordnance drops . this has been in many halos and is fun for certain game types.

6. falling blocks/rocks. allow people to spawn more objects(rocks, blocks) that can move or fall. examples, rocks that roll off a high hill landing on your map or in the background. or floor pieces that fall, by using timers.

7. covenant/foruner/unsc themes for all forge blocks, with a options to choose a weathered skin to match your map. have all forge pieces with the option to change the outside skins and also adding many specific designed buildings and structures for each theme. and another option to apply a weathered skin. example a frozen/sandy/dirty/clean. layer over your forge blocks.

8. large forge maps with different skyboxes. grass,water/space/snow/sand/city.
9. terian changes to natural pallet and added pieces. flat grass can change to sand, snow, dirt. grass hills can change skins to grass, rock,sand, or snow.
rocks can change between sand,snow, original, or space.

10. change the time of day. make the special effects balls work well, or give us the option to raise or lower the sun positioning by scale.

11. place dead bodies, broken vehicles, blood, explosion, and damage spots. dead marine/covenant/brutes/forerunners/flood.

  1. forge grouping tool to move full maps at once or to mirror half a map into a whole map.

13. weather effects on forge maps. snowing/ raining/foggy/dusty.
14 add walls that can break and doors that open when you press a button or get near them.
15. bring back the awesome detail of slippery cracking ice, and foot prints in ice snow, and tire trails.
16. allow us to choose a entering and ending spot/animation for our spartans. drop pods/ pelican drops and pick ups.

17. a custom games lobby. with search settings and host ratings.
I know a lot of these are just crazy and people discussed many of these before, but hey! i can still dream. i want to know what unique and interesting ideas you guys have.

I agree most of these would be great features. If they ever bring Firefight back I’d love to have forgeable Firefight maps, imagine fighting Covenant or Flood in a map you built yourself.

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> I agree most of these would be great features. If they ever bring Firefight back I’d love to have forgeable Firefight maps, imagine fighting Covenant or Flood in a map you built yourself.

yes i hope firefight returns better, and possibly with a flood firefight. if you played spartan assault co-op infection mode, they added some abilities that work well with teamwork. it was actually very fun in my opinion, made you work as a team, and some of the maps were little missions that you had to get through together.

i wonder if firefight returns they might add different objectives. would be cool to have invasion and the spire map as a objective type and also add it to multiplayer.

i was thinking breakout should have been a odst game mode because of the low health. and then you could have a odst character as well with some unlockable odst armor.