Custom Firefight

I absolutely love Halo Wars two and just adore the amazing captivating story it has, and with the DLC of awakening the nightmare came the Terminus Firefight. This was an awesome addition to the game, you could actually fight the flood with three friends and see how far you can go!

And this is were my taste in the firefight goes off. It would be way more fun if you could customise what you fight, like Halo Reach but not quite to the extent, see I would just just prefer if it was only Flood or only Banished and maybe a mixed mode. Just to split the factions and I would understand if it wasn’t on the leader boards I honest am just in it for the fun. My initial thought of Halo Wars 2 Terminus Firefight was tremoudus amount of flood to fight with friends but honestly was disappointed with the fact that other factions were mixed in and there were zero alternatives.

Possibly adding different firefight game modes?
Or sliding in the general settings menu?

I love what 343 is doing with Halo in general, I understand the difficulty in undertaking the beloved Halo franchise into the future. I know 343 is working Halo Infinite and Master Chief Collection but I would love to see this minor change in Halo Wars 2.
Sincerely : SoulSurvivor386