Custom Controls?

Is there an option in Halo 5 to customize your controller layout? I’ve only been able to play one mission so far of the campaign, and while it’s great, I’m having the hardest time with the default control schemes and while I can manage in spite of that during the campaign I know it’ll absolutely slaughter me in multiplayer… the Recon controls are the best I’ve found so far for myself, but really, to sprint in that format I have to hold X and melee / charge up with B? There’s no way I’ll be able to play competitively like that. If there’s not a custom control option, does anyone have any advice as to a layout that works really well with the new gameplay features?

I personally still enjoy using bumper-jumper with “sprint on tap”.

Not yet unless you have the Elite controller, but on November 12th the NXOE comes out and I believe it includes the ability to customize nearly every button on your controller.

The NXOE dashboard allows you to do this. If you have it already, go to your console controller settings. If you don’t have it, wait for the public release.