Custom Controller Layouts?

So far I have seen many (if not all) of the controller layouts, and none of them have what I’m looking for. After playing the default controller scheme in halo 4 I became used to it, and when the MCC came out I went with the one I was familiar with, Universal Reclaimer. Looking at the default for Halo 5, I am not liking the LT to Smart Scope or B to thruster, as it requires you to take your thumb off the right stick to use it.

I thought it would be like this:
LT- grenade
RT- use weapon
LB- thruster
RB- melee/spartan charge/detatch turret
Left Thumbstick- move/spartan groundpound/sprint
Right Thumbstick- look around/smart scope
A- jump/clamber
B- crouch/slide
X- action/reload
Y- swap weapons
Dpad- swap grenades

I would also add a simple optional switch between B to crouch and LeftThumbstick to GroundPound for the fans who want OG crouch. I would also like to point out how my scheme allows for GroundPound without removing crouch jumps/ghandi hops while in the air. And if it’s possible (I’m not sure what limitations/setbacks it would cause) please add a fully customizable controller layout.

Let me know if I missed anything and thanks for reading!