The new additions to halo are always welcome to enhance and add to the competitive game but what happened to custom game?

I have fond memories of playing community created game types and maps with my brothers and the rest of the halo community. I feel that this is where halo 4 lacked. I still remember loading up ‘pacman’ or ‘the garbage collecter’ where we would spend hours laugjing and countless hours more bonding with each other.

The halo community is one of the most CREATIVE i have ever seen. The original Trilogy had a magical feeling. The players were given so much to creat with and that was what allowed the community to flourish and sustain itself.

I can’t remember the last time i made a friend playing halo. Competitive multiplayer is fun, but so is every other competitive multiplayer. Halo stood out because it was more than just another shooter, it let us create friends and memories.

Halo isn’t dead. It’s lost it’s spark.

I would love to see the return of custom.
Hopefully some of you agree and we can push for more focus on custom game.

Share some of your custom game stories back from the old halo days