Custom colors and friendly on map (cursor)

The colors get confusing on the map and some other times even on the battlefield they could get confusing. For example blue with cyan. This can get a bit confusing because when you fight in a big battle and have both troops in one huge battalion they could get a bit difficult to identify, so we need a bigger variety of colors to choose from.

Seeing the friendly cursor on the map could really make a difference in the battlefield because you could make plans and tactics a lot more simpler. This would be very useful for every type of player and how you wanted play the game because it would give more tactical and strategic choices if you do see your allies cursor.

True. It was a little bit bad having Red and orange Team fighting against cyan and Blue. Halo Wars 1 is there much better.

Yeah the Cursor was awesome!

You should have seen me madly clicking on my teammates base thinking it was mine or trying to select their troops. It drove me insane. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t select… until I looked at the minimap. I don’t think custom colors are required. It will just take some adjusting and learning. The colors should be similar enough that you can easily identify the enemy, but different enough that you can tell your units apart from the enemy.

That sounds like a good idea.