Custom classes/loadouts imbalanced?

What I really don’t like about Halo 4 is that all of a sudden, 343 decides to implement loadouts like other modern FPS’s that we have today. I feel overwhelmed by the loadout feature, as us Halo players have become so used to loadouts that have been made for us except in Custom’s/Forge. In my opinion, Call of Duty loadouts are a lot more balanced than created Halo 4 loadouts because in games like CoD, it only takes a few bullets from any gun or weapon to kill someone. In Halo, you’ve got shields which gives weapons completely different roles, making the game a lot harder to become balanced.

Weapon balance is not the best in Halo 4, but then you’ve got other balancing issues with all the Tactical Packages, Armor Abilities, and Support Upgrades.
Not only this but DMR, the Boltshot, and Active Camo are WAY TOO powerful in this game.

Whenever I play Halo 4, I don’t feel like I’m playing Halo 4. I feel like I’m playing a beta of a re-skinned modern FPS with a combined Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Prometheus, Metroid, and Power Rangers theme. Halo 4 could have been so much more than what it is right now.

I love Halo for the story, and I love feeling like an actual character in the Halo universe as my own Spartan. That was why when 343 announced that Multiplayer was considered “canon” as a training/combat simulation onboard the Infinity called War Games, I got really excited. But it’s really hard to take this seriously because of the imbalance of the weapons. I don’t like how many weapons lose at their optimal ranges. (I may sound whiny here) I don’t like how a small Boltshot destroys me in one blast when I’ve sprayed dozens of bullets into a Spartan with an Assault Rifle. I don’t like how the Covenant Carbine barely does any damage. I don’t like how BR can lose SO easily to the DMR at mid-range. I don’t like how vehicles feel like they’re made out of cardboard paper. I don’t like how the Scattershot can easily lose to the Boltshot.
I have a bit more to say but I can’t think of anything right now so this is all that I will post. I do like Halo 4, but boy, are there so many issues with Halo 4’s multiplayer. Until then, I will be happily achievement-hunting that aren’t Crimson Map Pack achievements, playing Spartan Ops with friends and Double XP, and doing something else. But darn it 343, you can do so much better. Everybody knows it.