Custom Characters in Infinite Co-Op Campaign?

From what I’ve seen, it looks like players in Infinite’s co-op campaign will all play as clones of the Master Chief. Instead of that, would it be feasible for added players to use their custom Spartan cores in the campaign?

For instance, Player 1 would play as Chief, but any extra players would just load in as their own cores. Halo has always been big on multiplayer character customization, and I think this would be a fun way for players to enjoy their custom content outside of competitive multiplayer. This would also be fun since Infinite currently does not have any type of Firefight game mode (which would be great, by the way).

I’ve already played through the campaign, and I understand that the story demanded for Chief to be on his own through the journey. Despite this, we definitely need co-op campaign, and since it’s already on its way, why not just go ahead and give the players some flexibility? I think this would be so much more fun than just copying and pasting Chief. One aspect of Reach that I really enjoyed was being able to play as my own character in the campaign, and this might also be a good opportunity to bring some of that back!


I think it is laughable to use chief clones in the campaign. Halo 3 and Reach had this figured out, 15 years ago.


Seeing how 343i is pretty focused on how their Halo games play out, this will probably never happen… But I too would love to have my multiplayer spartan running around the open world. Ive said this in an older thread. Giving us that, just adds to our own piece of lore to the game. Some people really get into the games they play and come up with amazing fan fic pieces. Having our MP spartan running around with the Chief really adds to some creative things people come up with. Its an open world Halo game, why cant we have our own spartans in the “open” world? Then make whoever is player 1 or Chief, is the person you’re helping.

I can’t find the source anywhere but the reason you don’t play as your own multiplayer Spartan is because 343 want people to play the campaign “as their own Chief”.

Personally I think it’s to do with asset management between the campaign and multiplayer installs but that’s just speculation. It would be cool, but I suppose also would break the ‘canon’ so to speak as well.

Which is kind of sad one, Halo Infinite has other Spartans in it. Two allowing us to play as our Spartan would add more value to cosmetics.

But, it’s the way they want it I guess.

Of course they won’t explain how there are up to four Master Chiefs running around together at all

This article includes the developer’s view on this:

From the article:
There have been lots of different flavors to Campaign Co-Op in Halo in the past. In some entries, you’re a squad of Master Chiefs (or Arbiters), whereas in others, additional characters are present. What approach does Halo Infinite take to campaign co-op here and why?

Mulkey: In Halo Infinite, everyone is Chief while playing Campaign Co-Op.

This is in support of the goal that Co-Op allows players to play their campaigns together. All progress made is progress kept in the Campaign regardless of it being Solo or Co-Op play, so in both (much like in Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 4), Chief is Chief making his way through Zeta Halo.

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That seems like a pretty neat idea.

Honestly I would rather we get an entirely new campaign based around our Multiplayer Spartan, and let me.habe third person view as an Option.

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Is it feasable? Absolutely. Modders have already done it. I’m sure when co-op drops they’ll already have a mod up and running.
Would 343 do it? No. They made it clear they don’t want to. They also removed glitches like the flyable pelican and the tank gun (which was added back in). As well as some speed run strategies. 343 has some idea that they want to enforce their vision of what campaign and multiplayer should be, even if at the expense of fun.
The best compromise I saw was adding a skull that lets players use their MP spartan. And that is a great idea! But sadly, even though I wish 343 would overhaul the campaign, I doubt they will do any additions to it.

Maybe at some point in the future. I have no doubt that it could be easily justified, since the presence of the Infinity on the ring would imply that random Spartan contingents are just there.