Custom CHallenges & Xbox Silver account

I tried to create a Custom Challenge for my daughter to try out. Very simple, get 10 kills in campaign on normal, just to try the system out. We played through the beginning of Winter Contingency and I checked that we both had at least 10 kills. I got credit for the challenge (my challenge progress bar is filled in), but Waypoint says she has not begun the challenge yet. The only thing I can figure is that it is because she has an XBOX Silver account (the free kind). I know when they announced Custom Challenges and ATLAS that 343i said they would be “premium” content but I never really heard them define what that means. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions or more information?

You need to sign into this website with her Xbox LIVE e-mail and accept the challenge.

I finally figured that out…I had issued challenges but not accepted any yet, hence my confusion.

Dang, I just figured out that silver accounts will rank up as fast as gold accounts if you constantly create campaign challenges. FTW