Custom challenges - when is it back up?

It’s in the title - I’m still waiting for it to get back up - anyone have any idea when it’s back?

I’ve been using custom challenges all week. So idk what you’re asking.

It went down after sometime after 4AM EDT, it was working eailer that night was in the middle of putting in my next 5 challenges, got the first one in, but error after setting up up my 2nd of the 5!! at first it just saided error but later on it started saying that the stat server is down for maintaince, and has been saying it ever since, but the challenges that were created before the maintance did add the credits since the matchmaking servers were still up and matches could still be completed, you would just not see any of the data at the website but i manually addded all the data after each match so that credits still was added in game!!, but prevented creating any new challenges afterwards!! IF you are going to do server maintance Friday night is the best time to do it since it is the least incovenence, but there should be up soon, since it is after noon now on the West coast now!!!