Custom challenges not tracking accurately?

Subject line basically says it all, anyone else having the same problem? For example, i set up a medals challenge and got 100 medals in one of my games today and about 7 or 8 matches later i checked back with waypoint to see where my progress was as far as completion. But the challenge still read that i only got 30+ medals… any ideas?

Bump for answers or stories

I think it takes like 48 hours to process or something like that. I’m not quite sure though. :S

Mostly talking about the challenge tracker though. It just seems to want to not reload with what i should currently have…

Looking at your game history, you were playing with a guest.

There is a bug with custom challenges, it tracks the guests progress instead of yours.

This explains your problem, you will have to play without the guest.

Thanks a bunch diddnt know that was going on. Appreciate the info bro!