custom challenges: not getting credits?

I have done two custom challenges so far (I’ve only just started using them), and whwn the time ran out I did not receive my due credits…is there a reason for this? I clicked on “Complete Challenge”, at least that’s what I believe it said, and I let the time run out. I did not get my credits when the time ran out. I also played another game and I did not get the credits then either. Can you help me out here? I have another due soon for 13k and I don’t want to miss that one too.

Are you sure that you’re not getting them? There is no in-game notification when the cR is given.

One other question. Have you played any additional matches since the cR was awarded?


I am 100% sure that they were not awarded. I have only played one match after the time ran out, so I will go play another to see of it will work.

It took a sec to update I guess. I did indeed get my credits, thanks! (+1 thank)