Custom Challenge's Idea

I enjoy doing the custom challenges on reach. It gets me more credits. That being said I would like to see the option implemented to repeat a challenge completed from the history. Basically skipping the time it takes to set it up.

TLDR: Add a repeat challenge button to custom challenges already completed.

If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android phone download the Halo Waypoint app. Much easier to create challenges. I was creating mine in about 20 seconds.

Q. Can I speed up the management of Custom Challenges?
A. There are “custom challenge macros” available to automate a lot of the work. WDIGTFY.

But I agree that being able to do it from the history would be neat.

Custom Challenges - The Guide
Part 1: A summary of how to create/submit challenges
Part 2: Specific Challenge Type details
Part 3: Constraints
Part 4: Miscellaneous notes and FAQ

I agree. It would make it a lot easier if you could duplicate a previously made Custom Challenge. It’s kind of annoying to have to make a whole new challenge that’s exactly the same as the one you just finished.

Yes this idea is the best idea Ive run across on these forums as of late. And to take it a few steps further how about:
A custom challenges database that users have created and everyone can vote on which they like best. And stats on how many people have completed, failed, or forfeited that challenge. I could imagine all sorts of cool options for such a database. Like say a set of challenges that are meant to be difficult to see who is able to complete them and who did them first. Or people could subscribe to a group or a single pesons set of weekly challenges.

You could figure out how many bullets there are in all the sniper rifles on night fall you could create a challenge where kills with the sniper rifle exceeds your number of rounds so you would have to get some multi kills with single bullets to complete the challenge stuff like that.