Custom Challenges (Completed?)

Hey ive made myself some custom challenges and i have completed most of them how am i supposed to know if im getting the creds or not because on the question mark it says that the credits are awarded when the time has gone out but i check after i get the challenge and after the time goes out and it doesnt say challenge completed or give me any extra credits do they just go in at some random point without me knowing or am i just not getting them?

They are sticking to your acount, some times you wont see them, but you will definetly see move the little bar… try and do this, take notes about your cR every game and when the time you selected is about to expire take a note on how much cR you have, then wait some time and you should have more, them to the current cR you have now make a substraction and you will have as a result what you earned… hope you understanded hahahahha :stuck_out_tongue:

I do that i look at the last 4 numbersbut they dont change idk it probs is working im just not noticing

When you complete the challenges, are you turning them in? I always turn mine in as soon as I have completed them, then I get the cR at the end of their allotted time window :slight_smile: