custom challenge question!

just a simple question from a waypoint noob. when you go to check your personal performance, you see daily ad weekly challenges completed, etc, and there’s a section for custom challenges.

i’ve never had a custom challenge and im curious, how does it work? do i create my own custom challenge or is it created for me? any light on this topic would be appreciated!

You make a challenge off the options they give you, the harder the challenge the more cR it will award you on completion, you can also inv up to 7 friends to do a challenge with you.

some brief notes :wink:

Custom Challenges - The Guide
Part 1: A summary of how to create/submit challenges
Part 2: Specific Challenge Type details
Part 3: Constraints
Part 4: Miscellaneous notes and FAQ

thanks guys because i wasnt to sur also

How do you do it on my tab where do I go

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> How do you do it on my tab where do I go

Custom challenges aren’t available on Waypoint anymore, they shut the service down a few months ago. Also, please try and not necropost old topics :slight_smile: