Custom Challenge: Progess bar not advancing.

I created two custom challenges, one for straight kills, one for headshots, both to expire in 24 hrs, despite numerous matches in campaign and firefight both last evening and less than an hour ago, there was zero movement in the progress bar.

Both challenges were kills / headshots from all sources, no restrictions, etc.

Am I doing something wrong, or…?

Don’t play with guests. guests glitch up the custom challenges. (your challenges advance only to what your guest has killed,won, etc)

Or, use the guest account to make your progress advance. lol

My bars have never moved. Check the physical number underneath. That is always accurate for me, even if the bars don’t move.

Apologies, addendum.

Neither the bar advances, nor does the numeric total increase from zero.

I do play co-op split screen much of the time, with someone who does have an XBLA name, etc. I will experiment going solo. I will see if that helps. Many thanks. And if it doesn’t, I’ll be whining again.