Custom Challenge Problem HELP

A few days ago i started using the custom challenges in halo waypoint as i would play online. Just yesterday i tried making some custom challenges and once I put in all the info for the challenge i keep getting an error saying “Sorry, we encountered a problem while processing your request.”
Please Help

Can’t say what the problem was then (probably some rogue hamster in the waypoint farm) but they are working now.

is this happening to others or is it a problem with my computer/internet?

happening to me right now to its not just you im sure its something on there end

Sorry, they are working for me - just completed and turned-in two.
It must be personal :wink:

Try doing a full refresh of the challenges page - if you’re using Internet Explorer, press CTRL-F5 to reload all the scripts etc. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your browser (and as a last resort reboot)