Custom Challenge Of the Week!

As BS Angel noted in yesterday’s bulletin, we can expect a “Custom Challenge of the Week”. This week, the payout on killing “Drones” in the campaign have been increased 10x.

Does anyone know of the best level/rally point to find these?
Has anyone played around with the numbers to find how many are needed for 5,000cr? (The max pay out for Campaign Custom Challenges).



Pillar of autumn. The caves section,I believe…interesting in doing the custom challies. Gamertagg - cycogod.

> Hey, guys, I’ve already done the math on the Drones Challenge, but there’s a speed bump: the max amount of credits you can earn from ANY given Campaign-based Challenge is 5000cR. Here’s the math:
> 5 Kills in 3 Hours = 66.4 per Drone
> 100 Kills puts this above the 5000cR cap. 75 Kills puts it at 4971cR, just below it.
> Basically, do EXACTLY THIS for the best cR experience with the Drone Challenge:
> Level/Area: New Alexandria/Reflection (SinoViet Center)
> Difficulty: Heroic
> Skulls: Tough Luck, Catch, Cloud, Famine, Cowbell, Grunt Birthday, IWHBYD
> --Go under Campaign, Kills of Enemy, Drone Infantry
> --Make the number 75 Kills
> --Set the Time Limit for 3 Hours
> --Use Checkpoint Repetition to kill the Drones. It’s about 25 Drones per repeat, so
> after about 3-4 Repeats, quit the level, turn in the challenge, and go again (if you
> want to)
> You’re all welcome in advance! :smiley:
> ~Xenoblade

If you wanna thank the user for this wonderful post, go to this thread and scroll until you find the post he made.

I tried this the other day and I must have killed at least 30 something drones, I quit the game, refreshed the custom challenge page and it said I’ve only killed 2 out of 75. I was trying to work out how two of my drone kills might have differed from the rest but I have no idea.

I’m looking for a rally point/good checkpoint to do it. I’m not going to play that whole level over, and over, and over for 5,000cR.