custom challenge isnt working help!!!!!!!!!!!

me and my fried were making custom challenges today and they were for campaign kills we completed a campaign mission and both of us got at least 50 kills and we refreshed the page and it still said we had 0 kills out of 150 still.

It takes a while to update, it takes a while to process. Basically, it takes a while to do the whole process. You’ll get your credits eventually whether you realise it or not, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

As mentioned above it may take some time for the score to update, but not normally more than 5 minutes after you finish the game/mission. Note that you must go back to the lobby for any kills etc to register.

Did you change any challenge settings? Like, a specific map, difficulty or certain skulls? If the challenge you created doesn’t match what you played, you won’t get the kills etc.

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