Custom Challenge Guide

Here is what I do when I make custom challenges . .

  1. I take note of how many credits I have.

  2. I make the custom challenges.

  3. I fulfill the requirements of the custom challenges until it says completed next to the amount I set for the requirements.

  4. After it says completed next to the requirements I set, I turn in the challenges if I want the credits when I complete the custom challenges, or I could wait until the time expires, and it should add the credits the next time I go into Reach.

  5. If I turn them in while I’m playing Reach, I go to the main menu, then I go to my dashboard, then I go back into Reach.

  6. When I go back into Reach, I go to Matchmaking, when I go to Matchmaking, it says “Checking downloadable content”, after it stops saying that, I press start and then I see if my total credits went up.

It has gone up every time so far for me. If for some reason it hasn’t gone up for you, a few things could of happened . .

  1. You could have hit the credit cap.

  2. You could have gotten credit banned.

  3. Something could be wrong with the website.

Could this be stickied ? I think this covers CC’s very well. And when people come to the Reach forum it would be easy to find.