Custom challenge credits?

like many others i have been using the custom challenges to speed ut my leveling, the only problem is, it doesnt seem like i am getting the credits in halo reach althought i have completed them… any advise?

You have to pay attention to your cR amount in the bottom right. They don’t “show up” in the end game report like typical cR awarded after a game.

If you’re worried about it do what I do:

  1. Use Waypoint App/Website to create Custom Challenge
  2. Complete Challenge
  3. “Turn-In” Challenge
  4. Immediately after turning in, start up a “Custom” game in Halo Reach. As soon as it starts, END the game. THEN you’re cR will be awarded. It will say you earned 0cR for the custom game, but if you watch your total (and the cR bar) it will go up.