Custom Challenge bug?

Can anyone from Waypoint tell me if there is there any reason why when filling out a Custom Challenge, that when a number is put into the window for Target number, that it’s almost the same color and shade as the background?

I don’t know how many times I have filled out a Custom Challenge, only to have to forfeit the challenge, because of a typo, that could not easily be seen, because the input is almost the same color as the background, when everything else that I can select or input ( from the name of the challenge to the number of hours to do it in ) is easy to see because it is much brighter than the background color.


I have not had this problem.

Are you looking at your screen from a wrong angle? Are you display setting on your monitor/screen not set to default? Go check on some settings in the control panel to see if that has anything to do with it.

If you know it has nothing to do with your screen, get a screenshot of it to explain to us exactly what is happening and report it to the waypoint team by posting it in the ‘bugs and improvements’ thread.

I know it’s not my screen ( and no I do not have any screen copy capacity ).

The reason I know it’s not my screen is that in all the other parts of the challenge menu, anything that is filled in appears much brighter than the background, but for the place where you input the target number, the numbers entered, are only slightly brighter than the background color - a good example of this is the color of the print in the forum search box ( upper left of the screen ), before you type anything into the search box you can see that the color of the word ‘SEARCH’ is only a little brighter than the background color ( dark gray print on a black background )when compared to the print color ( white on black ) on the rest of the top of the page.

In all other parts of the custom challenge menu selection process, the print is white on black, when you enter something.