CUSTOM CHALLENGE BUG - counts guest stats and not host

Dear WayPoint Mods,

Please read this. I love the Custom Challenges and use them often. The only issue I have is that usually two or maybe three nights a week i let my daughters play Firefight Double or some Campaign with me. They love Halo but are not quite old enough yet in my view to have XBL so i only allow them to play games where they won’t hurt a team game and also won’t hear things that they shouldn’t be hearing.

The problem is when I set up custom challenges I’ve noticed that WayPoint is counting their kills/head shots/medals, etc, and not mine. This is frustrating especially on FF Thursdays when I like to set up a few sweet challenges for FF and then usually end up forgetting about this glitch until we’ve played a few games, then I go to check my progress and realize that while i know I’ve had about 300 plus kills and a ton of medals it is counting 100 or so. So I go add up the stats from the games we played and realize it’s counting my kid’s stats as the Guest instead of mine. Can you please fix this.