Custom Challenge Bonus Multiplier

A few days ago I created a custom challenge on campaign for 200 Grunt Hero Kills which was worth 5000cr. The next custom challenge I did was for 50 Grunt Hero kills since I only had a very few mins. to complete one more challenge. This challenge was also worth 5000cr instead of about 1250cr like it should have been. This challenge continued to be worth 5000cr for about one more day. Then it returned to being worth only 1250cr like normal.

I was just wondering if I encountered a glitch or if certain challenge parameters have bonus multipliers for one reason or another.

OK disregard this post I got off my lazy posterior and did a more indepth search and found the info I was after. It was just posted in such an obvious and simple place to find it eluded me. You know like the pair of sunglasses youre missing right on top of your head.

Yes, there was a limited-time 5x bonus on all Grunt kills. Sounds like you found that info. At the moment there’s 7.5x bonus on Grenade Launcher (pro pipe/noob tube) kills in Custom Challenges, ends Tuesday. These bonuses are usually announced in the Bulletin.

If you have a standard set of custom challenges you like to play, I suggest dialling down the target until you get just under the maximum - that way if a bonus is applied that affects it, you’ll easily see as it will suddenly be giving you the maximum.

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