Custom challange of the week

Just 1 quick question about the custom challange of the week, do i just need to kill 100 banshees with the reqs. or do I have to get the challange to be in my custom challanges place for the 10,000 cR? Thanks for the help.

You need the EXACT requirements which are:
Name – Beautiful Irony (Don’t believe that is needed but I wouldn’t use something else to be safe)
Challenge Type – Campaign
Goals – Kills of Enemy
Type – Banshee (Type-26 GSA)
Target – 100
Time Limit – Any time ending before Tuesday, February 14, 11:59 pm PT
Map – New Alexandria
Difficulty – Heroic

where is the link to get more info on this custom challenge? I didn’t hear about it.

Thanks you very much The Little Moa, the challange is in the Halo news(forgot the name)

sorry, I clicked through all the items under the “News” tab and nothing on this. Anyone have a link?

ok I found it -

Odd, It only says 615cr, maybe they’ll take care of that later.

Beautiful Irony
Kills of enemy
Banshee (Type-26 GSA)
2d 11h 59m
Map: New Alexandria
Difficulty: Heroic

in the bulletin I read it says the 10k will not show up in your account until late next week, no specific date. And you can only get it once.

Has to be done in 4 days now.

I wonder how long this would take? 1-2 hours maybe? Not sure if it’s worth it.