So I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the control schemes for Halo 4. I personally am not thrilled with the changes to bumper jumper, which is what I use now. But then again these are working control schemes and very subject to change by launch.

I would like to suggest an idea and bring more attention to it because I think it would solve everyone’s problem of possibly having to deal with modified versions of their favorite control schemes:

Custom Button Mapping. For anyone who might not know what that means, it is basically a way to define what game actions are assigned to each button/trigger/bumper on the controller. If we were allowed to create our own layouts, people could play the way they want to. The only problem I see with this idea is that there might be some ultimate layout configuration that would put other people at a disadvantage. But honestly, if there was one, and people got frustrated by having it used against them, a smart player would just start using the new button layout to gain a more even playing field.

I think this would be a great idea, and would create a more immersive experience for the player by allowing he/she to create their own unique button layout. So lets get this idea out there so 343i sees it and considers it!

It’s been mentioned a million times.

343 have said nothing whereas Bungie would’ve given us a fully-detailed reply.

> It’s been mentioned a million times.
> 343 have said nothing where Bungie would’ve given us a fully-detailed reply.

It seems like people try anything and everything to make 343i look bad these days.

This should be a standard in gaming today.

Oh, I hadn’t seen anyone mention it in the few posts I read through about the button layouts

I dont picture people creating better button layouts to be too much of a problem. in Pc gaming a game that doesnt have button mapping is so annoying and im suprised console games havent adopted it yet

It would be good.
Mine: A- jump
B- Melee
Y- Switch
RB- Reload
LB- Sprint
R stick- Zoom
L stick- Crouch
Dpad- Switch grenades/ ordnancedrop

Just do it already, 343. Seriously. We’ve had 10+ years of Halo, yet no controller tech upgrades.

Yeah, there should be fully customizable controls.

Customizable controls is a more succinct way to get your point across.