Custom button configuration layout

I’ve been forever waiting for Halo (or for most console shooters) to give the option for a custom button layout. Would be very simple, and stop people, like myself, from complaining about the preset layouts.

So what gives? Do devs think that console gamers are generally morons and they don’t want to confuse them with too many options?

I wish they would. That would be amazing. I don’t really know why they don’t. I’ve seen people say that it would cause bugs but having programming experience myself, I see no bugs coming out of it. They just won’t do it.

Yeah, the whole “causes bugs” sounds completely ridiculous. Other games have and allow this option: elder scrolls oblivion and skyrim, return to castle wolfenstien, borderlands 2… to name a few off the top of my head.

I’ve always wondered why they don’t do this, I would love to be able to configure my own buttons like in a fighter… my only thought about why it hasn’t happened is that it might cause an unfair advantage? i can’t think of why it would though…

Button glitches like BXR happen I guess.

While having button customization would allow for the physical location of buttons to be closer, and thereby make it possibly easier to pull them off, it would make no difference if button glitches are already present in the game. Plus moving buttons closer to pull off glitches easier would make other aspects of the game more difficult. I don’t see much of an advantage there if button glitches were present.

Really hope we get it for Halo 5. This is something that should be standard in every game, both for accessibility and usability reasons.

Agreed - should be standard at least in every high profile FPS.

I guess they feel the players will just adapt and conform to what’s provided. Its really weird that a custom option hasn’t been implemented yet.

I bought a 1 dollar indie game with completely customizable controls

WTF 343?