Custom Arena Training EUROPEAN players


I am looking for some people who’d like to do some casual training sessions on Arena (FFA with unlimited kills and time). European players only because of the time zones and latency. I usually play during evenings monday-friday (anytime between 17-22 cet) and randomly throughout the weekends.

Some things I’d like:

  • Positive attitude and a will to become a better spartan - 18+ - English-speaking - Not a must but it’d be nice if you are a long-time Halo player like myself.About myself:
    I’m a long-time Halo-player who started with CE on PC. Then moved on to Xbox (naturally) to continue playing this awesome series. I’ve always loved the multiplayer part (especially grifball, ctf and king of the hill) and consider myself**a decent Halo player but I will admit that I’ve had some trouble transitioning from the other games to part 5. My K/D got completely wasted the first two weeks because of that controller bug. I am trying to get it back to shape and my K/D on Warzone is slowly creeping to where I usually end up at in FPS games (between 1.5 and 2.0). My Arena stats are absolutely horrible and I really want to improve in that gamemode (used to be my favourite) but I am staying away from it until I’ve polished my knowledge of the maps and weapon spawns (just to ensure it doesn’t turn worse, it hurts my Halo-ego too much).
    I am from Sweden, 27 years of age, and work as a designer. I train, I fence and I do art. I do a lot of things really but one of the things I love the most is gaming.


EDIT: Please post a short introduction of yourself!

Sure, send me a msg on xbl.
I’m 19 from Canada.

Let’-Yoink!- it up

I’m down. I have been looking for something like this. I have been playing multiplayer halo since halo 2 and I played really competitively for halo 3 with a 50 in MLG and did LAN tournaments and everything but my skill has fallen off a lot as I didn’t enjoy Halo Reach or 4 as much but I’m looking to get my skill back as I do enjoy this game very much

XBL GT: Ariana Grandaye
20 from the U.S.

Great! I played a bit in the MLG back in Halo 3 as well. Didn’t do that good from what I remember but I had lots of fun. Was unemployed back then and got a terrible addiction to Halo MP. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyhow, I’ll add you both and we’ll shoot some lead!

This sounds cool. Iv been looking for a few people to play a little less competitively with while i transition from bf4 and destiney. Im really likeing halo 5 but struggling to get my aim and controls just right.
Im in the uk and play as much as possible but do have a family so they take some of my time. Im 34 and have been playing halo since CE and been a fan of the books.
Hit me up a invite or a friend request and ill train with you.

I’ll send a friend request! Glad to have you onboard! If you’ve got friends or anyone to help populate our sessions that would be awesome as well!

I’m definitely down as well. Been kinda tricky trying to transition from the previous halo games to this one so count me in. I’m usually on in the evenings GMT time.

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> I’ll send a friend request! Glad to have you onboard! If you’ve got friends or anyone to help populate our sessions that would be awesome as well!

Sadly im a bit of a ‘billy noo mates’ right now. Its been about 2 yrs since i was is a clan and just solo’ed it on most games i play. Ill be online in a bit.

Adding you Shadow of Atlas! Are you guys in a company? If not, want to join mine? :slight_smile: Then we’ll have a forum of our own!

Sounds good. Free req pack as well when we have 4 players.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

Again, thanks for the spam. Very helpful.

Anyone? Had a session this evening! Was great but we still need a few more to make it even better!

Yea we need more bodies running around.
No skill requirements as this is more of a casual grouping to familiarise with maps, weapons, etc.
A competitive squad will be raised out of people that want to do that.
Forge map creation can also be a big thing due to custom game play.
Send either forbror action or my self a message/ friend request to get involved, we seem to be playing every day so we will get back to you asap.

Add me, Gamertag: A7eh

Still looking for players to join us!

I’m down bro, add me looking for more people to play arena with!

Been playing halo since day one and was a pro coach in halo 3, been to tons of events.

Gt = StuBBoneZ

22 from US interested in playing, just add me whenever you’re getting some more together and I’d be more than happy to jump on in.


Aye adding you both! Do you guys use mics?

Logging on in a bit!

Any Europeans out there interested?