Custom and Forge Updates

Hello Halo fans and 343 Industries forum team, I would like to address a few issues with the custom games settings.

1. For my first request I would like to see an update to support the A-symmetrical gametype settings based off of the idea of “Attack v Defense” which could feature round-based switching, taking a lot of different settings from already established gametypes like Breakout, CTF and Assault. I would like see these minor requests in future updates for Assault (or the Ball gametype) and Capture the Flag, or possibly create a new gametype simply labeled ‘A-Symmetry’ or ‘Attack v Defense’. I understand there is the support to recreate nuetral flag (One-Flag), nuetral bomb (Assault), Ricochet, Oddball and Grifball but these do not fully capture the identity of what I am attempting to replicate in my games and future ideas, as well as possibly many other fans. I would like to see the following updates be made:

  • Forge > Object Properties > Game Mode Labels > Label Additions -

  • ‘team:colour’ - Modifies object to: Object is owned by a specific team (as per the set colour). - ‘sportsball:colour’ - Modifies object to: Ball is pickupable by a specific team (as per the set colour). - *‘ctf:colour’ - Modifies object to: Flag is pickupable by a specific team (as per the set colour).*These labels would allow objectives to be picked up by the correct team and alleviate possible “hording and hiding” of the bomb in a nuetral bomb attempt to recapture the one-bomb gametype with only one detonation zone, and also allow the defending team to defend their flag in a one-flag match. These new labels would also allow ownership of the defending teams capture points, in-term of the one-bomb, or their flag in-terms of one-flag; and the attacking team ownership of the bomb respawn zone and bomb in one-bomb, as well as the capture point in one-flag. I believe these labels should help with remaking the A-symmetrical gametypes we have grown to adore.

2. My second request I would like to share is smaller but no less important, I would like to see the custom games settings with a few small updates, these are as folllows:

  • Custom Games > Any Gametype > Settings > Player/Carrier Traits > Power Ups Addition -

  • Overshield - 2x, 3x, 4x**This addition would allow a visual and game play representation of the buff in shield strength and damage resistance, I unfortunately cannot replicate in the shields, health and damage sections of the traits.

  • Custom Games > Assault > Settings > Ball > New Addition -

  • *Ball can be Combat Evolved off of the respawn pad or allow it to be generated in Forge at the weapon launch pad.*This addition would allow for some more hectic plays and possible open the skill gap for Assault in future HCS Series.

  • Custom Games > CTF/Assault > Settings > New Additions -

  • Rounds via the Breakout round system, of which you can choose how many is required to play a full match, the length of a round in terms of time and overtime. - *Defending team wins from time running out, Attacking team wins by achieving the objective.*These additions allow for the A-symmetrical gametypes to work in accordance with the ‘Attack v Defense’; it could actually be what the above labels do for the game mode and map as they turn on these settings.

If you agree or have possible additions, or comments about anything in-terms of the topic, please feel free. :slight_smile:
~ Lord

New glitch I have come across in my forging endeavours that needs to be fixed is:

  • Forge > Object Properties > Scripts > Despawn -

  • Interactive Switch - Invisible doesn’t despawn went requested. Please fix this glitch.

Will be checking how the new forge updates possibly assist and fix the above suggestions. :slight_smile:

Would like to see the above updated and patched please. :slight_smile: Also a new addition could be expanding the area of a interactive switch like make it a box or cylinder like a hill or region in which we can initiate the switches and also allow any object to be interacted with, as in we get the condition “On Interaction” on any object for scripting. :slight_smile: