I don’t imagine seeing this in Halo 5 Gaurdians b/c it’s to far in development. But maybe for Halo 6…Custom A.I’s. I imagined this after playing some Halo 4 today and seeing the circle lights in every freaking helmet…and thought “Master chief puts Cortana in that slot how cool would it be if I had my own Cortana”. Then expanded the idea. What if with credits you earn from in game you can edit this A.I. SO many possibilities are possible. 343 should hire me or something. But anyways what if you can program your A.I for competitive gameplay for a specific setting. “Rockets” “Sniper” and in game when they are about to spawn in your A.I says something like “Rockets coming in in 15”. I don’t think about just in game for this I mean people focus alot on their character. I think if you gave them their own A.I’s to…It’d be very awesome

Kinda cool honestly. I like it but idk. An AI that told you when things spawned kinda lessens skill gap IMO. Good idea if implemented properly tho.

have an option to have it turned it on or off, but I think if you can lessen the skill gap in the ways of learning things like spawn times and spawn locations you can turn people on to the competitive scene alot more as well. Someone new going into the new tryhard playlist could use it as a tool, I’m sure pros would appreciate that honestly

To be honest, I would have never thought about custom A.I’s. It would be pretty unique. Customize in the way they would appear and choosing from a variety of voices they could use. However, the mutliplayer in Halo 5 would be areana based so I would expect the ol’ classic announcer guy to be there. So I don’t know how there’s going to be an announcer and a AI talking over each other. I also wouldn’t give the AI the ability to enhance your own gameplay, as it causes unfairness in matchmaking. Which is something 343i stated they’re staying away from. Everyone’s going to be equal. It’s a cool idea, but I’m not sure it it’ll work without the AI giving you an edge. Like letting you know where stuff is, etc… It also doesn’t fit in a story point of view. I mean this is legit training for Spartans. Spartan on Spartan combat. They’re supposed to survive with the stuff they’ve got. And Smart A.I’s aren’t exactly a common thing in the Halo story. Sure, there’s quite a few of them, but not every Spartan is able to carry one with them. Just because they are so incredibly difficult to create and manufacture. And if you die on the field and your armour is taken by the enemy… there’s the possibilty of them recovering your AI and recieving information. So yeah, cool idea. But VERY problematic in story and gameplay.