Custimization in Halo 6

Customization in Halo from 2 - Reach has steadily gotten better and better each game and the same could be said for Halo 5 but it (In comparison from previous titles) lacks. Having around 130 base pieces of armor with different paint schemes is great but takes away from what we had in the past which, tbh was better in many ways. From Helmet add on’s, shoulders, knee guards, chest, wrist, visor etc… I could go on. And by no means am I “Hating” on what 343i has done, I just want to list better customization for Halo 6, so I’m just going to get into it…

A cool way to categorize this is by adding little features:
Emblem Placement-
For years Halo has allowed you to make and create whichever emblem you seemed fit to define or match you Spartan. (in the hopes that the player card system is removed and put back to the old style where you didn’t unlock the emblem you wanted because why do we really need to unlock them?) Halo 4 & 5 removed the emblem from appearing on your Spartan, the idea I wanted to add is, once you get the emblem you want, give the player an option to place it on your Spartan, and have different places to insert it at. I.E. like placing it on your helmet or chest, or maybe big on your shoulder, and maybe even in the thigh region or if you didn’t want it to be there at all just select an option to remove it.

Armor paint themes -
Something that truly bugs me is the fact that in the req system we get random armors, some being exactly the same which can at times be very frustrating when you are trying to grind for a certain armor, the simplistic fix to this is just by making the armor have the option to have a certain paint scheme I.E. if I wanted to take the Charred paint style on recruit and but it on the noble armor, that would be awesome or if you like the classic Spartan look, go with a halo 3 style or Reach style paint scheme.

Armor add ons-
Halo armor is very bland and doesn’t make much sense, where you can pull assassinations but yet you don’t have a knife, which doesn’t make sense. Plus there isn’t anything very militaristic, they need to add more attachments like reach, but go deeper in the militaristic outlook, like adding ghille attachments to your helmet or whatever. More tactical add ons to Helmets, bigger knifes, Ammo packs, med packs, Communication back packs, etc.

For the Armor in general- Keep the top armor pieces that make sense, and then import older helmets from Halo 3 like hyabusa (Spelt wrong probably) Etc and other popular variants from reach. The armors in halo (Some at least) don’t look practical at all and most end up just coping each other.

These are my opinions please add what you guys think!

I seriously agree with this… Bases are fine in all but I rather have more control on how my character looks. If we eliminate bases and armor paint themes as a whole new base then that would leave room for more overall variety I believe. I would separate columns for helmets, chest pieces, shoulder pieces, arm pieces, leg pieces, visor color, armor add ons, paint themes, and of course our color then I feel this will add more variety and much more customization as far as armor goes. So in basic terms make it more like Reach with a lot more. Also as far as emblems go I’d really enjoy emblem placement… Honestly I hate to mention this… But if we could get emblem customization like the Black Ops series from COD… That would be cool. That would be an addition from COD that I wouldn’t mind. Completely customization and placement over your emblems.

Yeah. Customization was one of my main areas of complaint in Halo 5 (though nothing compares to lack of split screen, for me), and my favorite update was the one that allowed us to at least choose colors separately for emblems and which added more colors. I’ve had black ever since. Customization is very important to me in a game,and Reach set the standard. I’d loved to see it built upon more.
Non-random unlocks is crucial,
attachments were awesome,
individual pieces opens up a whole world of opportunity, and even a few pieces that can be mixed and matched feels much more personal than hundreds of full suits that can’t be altered.
The paint scheme is a big thing for me, too. I really wish we’d unlock the base armor first, and if they want to add paint schemes, they should be like weapon skins are, now. they should be unlocked after and viewable by clicking on that armor, now considered an entirely different armor set that you can only find by scrolling through dozens of ugly armors you don’t even want. It’s unorganized, and Reach’s armory was far superior.