Curved Tv's

so… I’m looking to upgrade from an old barely 1080p LCD TV to a newer model.
A few people are trying to steer me towards a curved tv.
Are they any good for gaming?
I want a smart TV obviously, but is it also advisable to get a curved?
I thought I’d ask real experts opinion???

I’ve only seen one of those curved TV’s once at a Best Buy, the display looked nice, but it was really slow moving videos, so I’m not sure what will happen in faster moving vids.

“You see those gamers in Hammerfell? They’ve got curved screens. Curved. Screens.

OT: Finding information on this is tricky, but the articles I’ve read on the matter suggest that curved TVs are basically snake oil. In a typical viewing situation (e.g. normal viewing distance), they’re not going to offer much benefit at all. (Curved screens can offer some benefits if they’re a lot wider than a typical widescreen TV, though.)

For gaming, I would say it isn’t worth it. Get a good, high color, 1080p TV from a known brand like Samsung or LG between around 30 and 40 inches. Nothing fancy, just keep it simple. However, if you’re an avid movie or TV watcher, a large curved TV is nice.

For gaming purposes you want the fastest refresh rate you can afford, and the lowest input lag. The first stat is printed on the side of every box with a new TV in it. The second is a lot harder to find, but as a general rule, find the manual on line for the set you’re thinking of getting. Go through it until you can confirm that it has a “game mode” setting. If it doesn’t then get something else.

One word: plasma. Plasma is imo the ultimate tech for gaming.

The difference the curve makes is negligible at normal viewing distances unless you’re planning on buying an 80" (or larger) TV. On the flipside, if you’re trying to watch the TV from anywhere but the most optimal location (e.g. watching movies with friends/family), the curve may at worst detract from the experience because some of the people are watching the TV from a steeper angle than on a regular flat TV.

At the size of normal TVs, you gain nothing from having the curve. The curve is nothing more than a gimmick in a market that has been fairly stagnant with no new actually useful technologies in the past few years. If you want something more than just your regular run of the mill TV, and have the money, invest in OLED. They’re expensive, but are superior in every way to LCD and plasma.

Your concerns in order are:
Viewing angles: Large or small room? Straight on multiple viewers? Curved can work if you sit 7ft back and straight on without the intent to share the view.
Input latency. 120ms is the gaming standard but many beautiful and curved displays are closer to 100ms. 30ms is the best minimum benchmarking zone for myself. Only 2 frames of latency at 60fps. They’ve gotten some TV’s down below 16ms so that is great news!
Refresh rate: 1080p doesn’t matter if the pixels don’t refresh fast enough. 120Hz min for LCD based.
Contrast: You’re missing pixel definition without a high contrast. Colour fidelity also takes a hit.
Colour: Not all displays colour equally.
I use a large 27" LCD monitor as it’s cheaper to get lower latency with great contrast and colour capabilities, and I have a 7.1 stereo+sub and a very decent set of headphones for my audio. I sit 3-4’ back in a 15’ by 25’ room, low ceiling.
I split the cost of a 50" or so TV for an overall package that tickles all the gaming senses equally high. As sound is MORE important than visuals (because you can make a metal pipe feel like mushy oatmeal just by making it sound so), I have not regretted my setup.

The expensive large screen displays ARE better than the “cheaper” ones. The selling process is like the old Pentium-Celeron chips.
They quality test a built display. If it benchmarks low, it’s placed in a low-end chassis. If it benchmarks high, it’s put in a high-end chassis. If it fails the test, it’s scrapped. Failure rate for many displays is closer to 50% (or more), the passing for a high-end display is closer to 5%… IF that, for many manufacturers.

so anyone gaming with a curved TV?