Currently, Our Time Is Worth < $0.54/hr (Battle Pass)

Just putting into context one of the most recent estimates as to BP progression: 200 minutes needed to gain 1 level vs $178 to purchase all 100 levels ($28 for 25 levels + $2/level for 75 levels). Playing last night, I made the decision to just ignore my progression and challenges, accept the sunk cost as a lesson learned, and just focus on enjoying the game itself. And I had a lot of fun doing so!
Hopefully this gives a little more context for (a) folks either thinking of spending money on the BP or (b) people with BP buyer’s remorse like me to not let the BP progression rob us of experiencing a game that itself is truly enjoyable.

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this guy gets it. Play the game because you like it, not because of some progression system. The number of post from people saying they can’t enjoy the game because it takes time to unlock stuff is weird.

Do we have an idea how long each season is going to be? It seems like it would be more rewarding to long term players through out the season to still be unlocking things than to just have everything in the first week.

Seasons will last 3 months however season 1 will be extended till may 2022

Seasons last forever the timer is just counting down to when the next one comes out everyone crying about the BP seems to conveniently forget that.

Is it weird that players are upset that they can’t access the items that they paid for (premium battle pass) without spending hundreds of dollars or playing hundreds of hours into the game? Is it weird players are upset that even if they purchase the battle pass, without grinding a ton they still have no customization options? Yeah, playing for fun is great. Fun is the most important thing, it honestly is. But I don’t think the complaints are at all hard to understand.


Not an argument. This season was meant to last 3 months, and do you really expect people to no life a game for 6 months just because the battlepass lasts that long?

This guy was literally asking how long seasons last and I just let him know. I’m not arguing anything are you okay?

Battle pass last forever new seasons change over 3 months. Everyone knows you can buy previous seasonal battle passes I don’t understand where you got that I was “crying”.

I refuse to buy any season passes in any game, for me personally they don’t offer value for the money they want me to spend.

If they release campaign DLC at a price I’m more likely to buy that as it’s more than just cosmetic items that will be discarded when the next season comes out.

For those that purchase season passes I wish them all the best and I hope they get some good stuff, but for me it’s a big no thanks.

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So is it shameful to say I completed the weekly challenges before the progression change, and yesterday after the change? So I got the Sigil visor twice already. :confused: Just like the game A LOT.

I like to progress my character, Yea the game is fun but I enjoying customization and leveling up. Is that so wrong?


I am 100% with you: the visual milestones tied to progression are hugely compelling to me. Cosmetics make me open my wallet more than anything else. But both the progression system (anemic progress, stingy rewards) and customization system (restricted use of purchased items, non-disclosure of use restrictions) serve maximization of repeat purchases and thus revenue. That makes it very difficult for the developer to bring meaningful change across the finish line of internal approvals to actually deploy for us. So I had to make the decision to stop spending my time hoping for a more consumer-friendly systems rework and at least get gameplay enjoyment out of my time now.

As an individual consumer, the consequence is that the money I budgeted for this game’s store (a first for me) will drop from a few hundred to wait-and-see, and I’ll buy a $10 month of Game Pass for a friend in May to play co-op rather than buy us both the $60 retail version. Then I’ll get bored after some time and play less, and if I play less I’ll be even less incentivized to spend.

My ultimate concern is that the public perception of Halo’s game store will grow more negative, which will reduce overall revenue to the developers, which will reduce density of post-launch content. So reworking the progression and customization systems–and improving the public perception of those systems–is important to regain consumer trust that expectations brought in from elsewhere in the marketplace will be fulfilled when real money and valuable time are invested.

then give me some -Yoink!- in game earnable armour thats not tied to the progession system that I ALREADY PAID FOR. LIKE EVERY OTHER HALO MAYBE?

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Example: (1) buying a customization bundle, (2) attempting to apply it, (3) receiving no explanation as to why it won’t show up, (4) going to a different armor core and seeing the customization item there. There needs to be a clear and ever-present explanation of the fact that what-you-see may not actually be what-you-get because Infinite’s definition of commonly used cosmetic purchase terms is completely different than the other mainstream digital item marketplaces existing today.

At this time, I have absolutely no plans to purchase any of the battle passes or any other cosmetic items for real world money due to a insufficient return on investment. In addition to that, the main interest for me is not to collect cosmetic items, it’s instead to build an underlying understanding about different mechanisms related to the game like exactly how the unlock system works, the number of customization combinations and similar questions to that.

Finally, when it comes to spending money on video games. I can inform that I do very rarely spend money on additional content for video games and this rule to especially apply low value content like cosmetics. For higher value content like campaign expansions, I do usually wait with the purchase until a later point and if I do decide to make the purchase, I do usually focus on the financially most beneficial option for myself.

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Agreed. And the fact that this underlying understanding is not clearly and constantly explained to every user is a significant issue with this game as a marketplace seller.

I would actually consider it’s to be relatively clear how to unlock different items and how the system works. The only bummer is that it’s difficult to tell which pieces of content that are premium or not and that it doesn’t exist a way to filter away all premium content. In addition to that, it’s also a bit unfortunate that some pieces of content are hidden which means that it’s difficult to quantify the exact number of customization options.

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Completely agreed that clear organization isn’t offered either. Just my personal opinion: this further demonstrates that transparency of item acquisition–which inherently includes shop items in this game–is not satisfactory yet for a digital marketplace.