Current State of Affairs

So, lets recap.

In March 2022 Joe Staten said in an apologetic update that the development team needed to be more transparent between what was going on in the studio and what the fans were seeing. He acknowledged it was important to maintain the longevity of the game.

Approximately one month before the launch of Season 2 we were bombarded with articles about Desync, Anti Cheat, MMR/ CSR system changes, as they began to hype up the next paid installment of their free to play multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite.

The last Infinite related update on the Infinite game page is now from 4 weeks ago. It just announced the launch of season 2. Since then, that aforementioned transparency has gone. We have no idea where the team is at handling issues the game launched with, we are unsure if the Season 2 roadmap is on track, given the issues that have risen with Season 2’s launch. We do not know if campaign co-op, forge or any of the planned fixes ( that took six months to “plan”) are ready.

A month in and nothing but absolute silence. While the cosmetic shop refreshes weekly and daily.

Seriously, what is going on?

I am all for priority zero and a good work/ life balance. But, there can be a too far side of that as well. If you’re staff are coming in less than half a week and sitting around playing pong and sippin’ chai latte’s while they discus what happened on this weeks episode of (insert current popular show here). Then that is directly impacting productivity. Loosen the reigns too much and your product is dead in the water. And using that time to make changes like, adding weapon jamming and removing trick jumps just isnt Halo.

Not to mention people who paid for the campaign. $60- still have incomplete content, various emblems, stances and shaders seemingly can not be unlocked. Save files are becoming corrupted. There is no way to revisit past missions, some of the minimum spec requirements listed do not actually hold up to the game, and lets not even mention ray tracing, or the fact current top end PC’s are still crashing from this game.

The current state of affairs and the prolonged silence from the developers AGAIN is really ripping the community apart. The player base is turning on itself, because the game everyone wanted to play is stagnant. The waters toxic. Sure, there’s a new event this week. But I absolutely believe it will become just as tired and burnt out as Season 1’s Tenurai event.

It’s like we are stuck in some kinda downward spiral, and we have no idea if things will change.


Hmmm nothing no defenders, no angry rebuttal or sectional quotation, arguing against points made.

This was a pass.


It’s a slow week. Nothings really happening that’s worth discussing.

If you’re pissed about what happened yesterday, you pretty much opened that can of worms yourself.


Can’t say the same for the past 4 weeks.
The updates are a look inside whats being done. They know the issues, be nice to know where they are at fixing them.
They have a community manager for this very reason.

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Yep and that community manager has been somewhat active on twitter.

Tomorrow’s the target date for the weapon jamming fix.

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Because the community is either back on MCC or don’t care anymore.



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I left and went back to MCC infinite just isn’t worth the effort anymore, they got their profit from battle pass and campaign purchases and they are moving own.

I’m abandoning ship on infinite it’s not completely dead yet but it is about to be


Halo Infinite’s player base is low and compared that to games like Destiny 2 player base you’d think 343 would be fast-tracking fixes and content, but nope, and as said you can’t even go back and replay the campaign missions, I have never seen this in a game, makes you shake your head in disbelief. Imagine sitting around the idea’s table for this game and someone floating the idea of not being able to replay missions, you know it was discussed, and thinking oh yeah that’s acceptable, and you know what, we’ll add that a year into the game and call it content, they are also probably thinking of a way to monetize replaying missions, who knows.


Just think of it like this

343i has stated openly they think the community liked tenrai :joy: if that doesn’t tell you how out of touch they are then i don’t know.

The only thing holding this community together is Joe Staten and unfortunately there’s only so much he can do.

This all boils down to the ineptitude of management within 343i and reaching for broader audiences while they have yet to make a true to form Halo game in 10 years that isn’t just a re-release of the original trilogy.

Tragic really.


Imagine sitting around the ideas table for this game and someone suggests these:

“Lets rename Swat- Tactical Slayer”
“Let’s remove those uber, hard trick jumps only the top players can do”
“Lets add an event that lasts for 2 weeks at a time then goes away, which players can only progress to a certain point each iteration of it.”
“Lets remove campaign replays”
“lets remove player ability to colour their spartans as they see fit”
“Lets remove any sort of localized server search feature”
"Lets not play test anything we put out (weapon jamming, big team search crashes, campaign crashes etc) "
“Lets add a sleuth of content in the campaign that’s impossible to unlock”
“lets no longer update the community on a weekly basis”
“Lets do all our promotion and PR away from our own website and use twitter or youtube to advertise”
“Lets say we’re doing UI changes, but just remove the AR leaning on a crate in the back ground and replace it with a sniper instead”

Ya know, about the only thing you can count on to work in Infinite on a daily/ weekly basis. Is the items in the cosmetics store to refresh on time each week.


Then it doesn’t help that the store is still over-priced (I don’t care if other games cost more, I don’t play them! I’m playing Halo Infinite and its my money.) and the prices themselves are inconsistent.

It doesn’t help that every event and pass feels like it is just padded out so they don’t have to include as much and keep the items in the inconsistent and overpriced store (Seriously 900CR for a timed exclusive helmet and armor coating? Really?! And only 1 free helmet? So that means if we get any more, they will be in the store. And I love WW1/2 diesel punk stuff, I was excited for this event.)

Maybe they are working their butts off behind the scenes, but when the store seems to be the most functional and updated part of the game while the rest of the content and game itself are behind, then our perception as outsiders makes us think they are just being greedy (which if you broke down the prices of items as many times as I have, you’ll see they aren’t even good at being greedy, it looks like they don’t even know how to price items out.)


Again like, the idea they are “working their buts off”

Did they? Like season 1… 6 months.
They posted about known issues, and how they could implement change. They addressed what was causing issues. But they didn’t actually change anything.

Also the changes that went into season 2, the trick jump area’s the BR burst damage reduction the mangler reduction and melee damage reduction have all now been reversed as of today’s update. The mangler is back to being a 1 shot melee, BR in none ranked is now 2 shot melee again, they just undid whatever they added in season 2. So nothing has been done.

That doesn’t say to me they are working there buts off at all.


Hence why I said maybe. “Maybe” They are listening. It doesn’t look like it. But maybe.


Current state of affairs is they have made the worst decisions ever, and are continuing to do so.

Halo gave me the gaming bug from the beginning. I was not a gamer. I bought an original xbox and it came with Halo CE. Had no idea what it was. The rest as they say is history. I’ve enjoyed every Halo, even 4 and 5.

However, this? I don’t know what this is. I don’t like it, and it is very disappointing the direction they took this game.

A message needs to be sent. This game needs to die.


For me, one of my first console games, I remember playing Nintendo 64, Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes, I had a lot of fun with that game and it went to PlayStation three, split-screen up to 4 players. Halo, I played all the games, split-screen with friends, and multiplayer. Halo 5 was the first release with no split-screen, and now no split-screen with Halo Infinite.
In many ways, it was the music in Halo that really attached me to the game plus a sense that there was a reason for moving through the campaign, there was a lot more cut scene narrative which seems to really lack in Infinite (for me)
There is only one main faction in halo now, the Banished, and honestly, I couldn’t care less. The fact they didn’t learn from the many mistakes they made with the release of Halo 5 says this is not isolated to pandemic time and Halo Infinite. It’s just a game (that costs money) and it is a disappointment, maybe I’m just too old now. Go back and play many of the older games, and they were full releases with full content, but now with this live service game trend it’s just an excuse to get away with mediocre releases that are so different from what the marketing machine entices us with, these companies are losing all credibility.


Aim assist needs a nerf


I am a MCC player, probably till I give up gaming all together. I don’t care about infinite at all really. I played a bit of the LSS it was ok but not good enough to draw me over from MCC. MCC is just superior in every way and way more fun to play.


I’m a firm believer that the “priority 0” Schtick was just offered as an excuse so they could make some within the community to be more understanding. Just to help contain the revolt.

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Today I spent more than 30 mins to search for game, and I only got into one round and defeated. After tons of complaint to my friend(he already gave up this game) and waiting, I shut down this game. You see rather than being angry about this game, I can just go and play other games. I find R6 Extraction really enjoyable and even ubisoft’s server is much better and costs only 30 secs to find a round. The terrible thing is that you can see people are tired and giving up. They don’t care about HI anymore and that’s what some Youtubers said “the end of HI”. Maybe it’s a good thing. We have six months ahead. Eventually everyone will leave the game(including so-called “broader audience”) and this game is going to die and win a bad reputation. I have no faith in 343 now. I just want it to be regrouped or just shut down. It would be much better to let Halo be a sweet memory rather than they continue to destroy this title. They don’t know what they are doing and they are using Halo to get their own purpose. Shame.