Current Progression System Doesn’t Respect Players Time

Some of us have lives and Jobs Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, exe we don’t have to time to grind for 2 hours just to get 300,200,200 and then 50xp and the only way to progress more is to complete frustrating weekly challenges it would be nice to have a progression system that respects the players time I’m trying to progress and finish the battle pass before I go to the deployment Unfortunately I will be able to finish the battle pass before it expires because the progression system is to slow This game really needs a progression system that respects the players time please Fix this 343 Industries Thank You!!!

If I recall correctly, there doesn’t exist any planned expiry date for the Battle Passes in Halo Infinite in a similar way to the Battle Passes seen in MCC. The date given is instead an estimate for when the next Battle Pass is planned to be introduced.

On the other hand, when it comes to the xp payouts. I would consider the xp payouts from the six initial games to be relatively good. The first six games in a single day will yield a sufficient amount of xp to at least progress through one Battle Pass level which isn’t bad at all and the higher payouts. In addition to this, the higher payouts are given from the earlier games which will help the less active players even further in the task to complete a Battle Pass.

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