Current Point Scoring Values Hurt Multiplayer

As is, no matter what game mode you are in, getting kills earns you the most points rather than doing things that benefit the team in objective modes. This means that anyone who is more skilled in gunplay can ignore the objective and get on top of the leaderboard in Strongholds, Oddball, Capture The Flag, Stockpile, and Total Control. In Ranked, this point system hurts the skill ceiling by artificially inflating players’ ELO, no matter if they win or lose, based on the amount of points they earn rather than how well they played the objective.

Points need an overhaul, to encourage teamplay and actually playing the objective.

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You just contradicted yourself. First you said the scoring system allows people who are too skilled to be at the top of the leaderboard. Then you said them being at the top of the leaderboard inflates their skill. Which is it?

The scoring system doesn’t encourage teamplay is what I was getting at. Nothing about skill.

Getting kills is usually the harder part of the objective game. Ultimately wins matter more than anything so if players don’t play the objective or slay the right way then they will be punished by repeated losses.

Unfortunately I’ve found that most players don’t understand the objective, just doing it on autopilot is not good. Grabbing the flag when the enemy is 4 alive isn’t helping the team, it’s hindering it in most circumstances. So is holding the Oddball and not dropping it for the teamfight. Getting driblets of time is usually not helpful, you need to secure the area, win the teamfight and get chunks. Picking up the ball for 4 seconds and dying is not helpful. So is constantly flipping A and C caps in Strongholds.

Had a game last night where some guy had like 15 caps in one game of Strongholds. We won despite his poor playstyle yet I’m sure in his head he thought he was the MVP and the only one doing anything by getting all those caps. All he was doing was rotating A and C while B remained heavily contested and the team were syphoning points.

I think realistically I don’t expect most people to understand the objective meta, but also that means I don’t really hold much stock in people complaining about people slaying instead as I often find they don’t understand what they’re doing either.

It’s a combination of both, you individual performance as well as your wins and losses factor into your projected skill (MMR) The system will give someone with a higher MMR more rank for wins and lose less for losses as ultimately the system wants you to be the rank you consistently play like.

So if you’re stuck at a rank, it’s probably because that rank is bang on where you play at consistently. You’ll need to improve before you can rank up quicker. Players who play at an Onyx level fly through the ranks and don’t lose CSR/ELO when they lose games when they’re still a at Diamond rank.

Yeah read up on Trueskill2, there’s a paper on it.

Yeah, I had an oddball match the other day with a duo mic’d up (which was great because they were coordinating, not just bs’ing). Anyways, during one encounter, the enemy came at us hard and wiped us out. I was the last one standing on our team, our ball carrier had dropped the ball and it was at my feet, I didn’t pick it up because it was still 2v1 in the middle of an open area in streets. My teammate started chiding me for not picking up the ball, saying I was ignoring the ball and not helping the team (obviously he didn’t look at the score board cuz I had the most ball time and the most kills). I wanted to plug in a mic just to tell him what an idiot he was. Picking up the ball just to immediately die would have been the worst thing you do.

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What does point scoring have to do with Electric Light Orchestra?