Current Issue With Halo Infinite Multiplayer Narrative Experience

This is my first post giving my opinion about the glaring issue with the narrative experience within Halo: Infinite MP. There’s a huge possibility that there are already forum posts out here talking about this situation with the MP story in this game but I personally want to type out how I feel about it. The first thing of course is when looking at the roadmap for the current season and for the next season. As the current season is still happening there were only TWO story things that happened within this entire season as well as only FIVE cutscenes. The two story plots were [Interference] and [Alpha Pack], and some might think about that “choose your own adventure” story that we had. I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t touch it. I personally believe that having an in-game experience would be more effective for players to be engrossed with the story and its characters.
Now let’s talk about the two story plot points within this season. The first thing that started this season was a nice intro cutscene to the season that showed Agryna and “Your Spartan” with fellow marines going outside meeting up with a “enemy” Phantom soon finding out that the people inside are called the “Wolves’’ two Spartans come out, one of them in a unconscious like state and the other one carrying him. [Watch the video here]

Season 2 Lone Wolves Intro:

After the intro cutscene Agryna talks with us about baiting the A.I out and then trapping him. This leads into the next issue: the fact that we only do PVP. The issue now is we only have a PVP game mode [Last Spartan Standing] that is supposedly going to help us through the story but in reality it just makes it repetitive and boring. It was nice getting the stuff for the season making your spartan look cool but there was nothing else to gain from this season that gave you anything plot related. This also ties in with the Alpha Pack story as well that uses the Last Standing game mode as it’s centerpiece for the story. Again the rewards are nice to use on your spartan but you’ll be playing that mode just for that and stop playing the game again, unless cool challenge rewards that come out for the week. This is what could be either considered as another factor with the content not being that great.

[There are only two cutscenes within Alpha Pack and Interference; they are okay to understand what you’re getting yourself into as the player.]

Now after typing that out this is what I think 343 could do to help their Narrative Experience for their game. After putting out Forge and people having fun with it they need to either add Firefight or Spartan Ops. Both of these game modes will absolutely help with story when playing in the season. [Using Interference as an example for both these game modes.]

Example: The first thing they could have done was when doing PVP matches and fighting each spartan you kill would drop something like a fragment that could build up into something. As time passes we lure the A.I out and trap him. This would lead you into going to a Spartan Ops mission(s) or even a Firefight map doing objectives, finding out how to get the information out of the A.I and learning more about the operations that the Brandish are doing. This could lead into having the A.I unlockable as an end point of the season as a reward for participating in the season. The fragments that I talked about could either be used as something within the mission or as a hint to what’s to come in future story elements.

I would personally prefer that they should focus on doing Spartan Ops and the new game mode after doing Forge. Spartan Ops has so much potential due to the fact that it could easily use existing maps and tinker them to suit the story as well as making new maps with engaging mechanics and characters/enemies. This could easily be used with Firefight as well using some current maps and making new ones as well. There are many glaring issues within Halo: Infinite with its multiplayer like the progression, store, and etc. This is personally what I feel about the story element with the multiplayer experience. Please add whatever you feel like should be added to this and hopefully some DEV sees this and takes it into consideration.