Current ideas for Halo 4 (Settings etc)

Change is not something that we should be afraid of, as the game is currently I do like it and the direction it is going. However I do see, as does much of the community, that the game does have its faults. I believe with some tweaks Halo 4 can be the game that everyone wanted it to be, or the game I think it already is. However, this is a rather unbiased observation and analysis of the game thus far. I would first like to state that I play competitively and I have for a long time, and I have played every Halo including the not so popular ones such as Halo Wars, so I believe to have a good backing. This is not to brag, but to state that I have been observing a long time and I believe that I can make accurate assumptions, explanations, and suggestions. With that being said I will list the problems, and how I think they should be fixed.

-The DMR is obviously superior to the BR at really any range, but not for the reasons people think. They believe it is more “powerful” when in actuality it simply has a faster fire rate than the BR and Light Rifle. I have personally tested the weapons frames per second on LAN and the DMR is slightly faster than the BR. The way I believe this can be fixed is by making the DMR’s fire rate the exact same as the BR’s, and increasing the range of detection on the BR in both unscoped and scoped fire, and also increasing the zoom of scoped fire on the BR. Or do the opposite and reduce all those for the DMR to make it on par with the BR. Either way it makes the game more balanced seeing as the majority of players opt for these two weapons. If you were looking for difference in the two guns the DMR will still be superior at a distance due to its single fire rather than burst, giving the DMR only one strongsuit over the BR. As for the Light Rifle, it should stay the same as it serves as an excellent support weapon due to its scoped firing system.

-The Boltshot is everyone’s favorite weapon in Halo 4…well maybe not, but it could be. There are several different options that I have pondered or have seen across the internet, one of the most rash being take it out of the game. However I am much more open minded. I am unsure of 343i’s abilities, however if possible one solution is taking the weapon out of custom loadouts and putting it in ordinance or a pickup around the map. This way it limits the number of these weapons in play at one time, making the gun what it should be, a powerweapon. Another option is it could have its damage and range reduced to that within reasonable melee range, as well as make the weapon need every round in its clip to produce an overcharged shot rather than just half. That way it has less overcharges to be used as well, because lets be honest, people use this weapon as a shotgun. Also might I add the Boltshot has more distance than a shotgun in its current state.

-Another problem I have come across in terms of ammo is, well, not having enough of it. Now I realize that there is an option for more ammo, but even then it seems that sometimes when you pull the trigger mere dust comes out usually followed by a waiting screen and a slightly frustrated gamer. I don’t see why basic gun pickups cant be on the map for ammo. I hate to bring up MLG and its settings and maps because I realize that a good majority of you are casual players. With that being said before I proceed I would like to say that I completely respect you and the way you choose to play, I even at times have fun playing casually. This however, is necessary. MLG has weapon pickups set around the map such as the DMR, BR, Covenant Carbine and in some variants I had played in the past the Light Rifle. As an example of this the new forge test playlist maps have weapon pickups and they work beautifully, I rarely find myself needing ammo as there are plenty of chances to acquire some. I wont say much more on this subject because I believe most of you are getting the hint(Basic weapon pickups are a good idea!).

-The time for weapons to despawn leaves me feeling mentally exhausted. I understand your logic behind why weapons despawn so quickly, because of all the power weapons that can possibly be in play at one given time. However I have been within five seconds of my ordinance drop after dying and only getting there to see it has crumbled into cyber space. I have thought about reasonable times and have concluded that around 25 seconds would be fine, even though I would like it to be much longer I can understand why it cannot be so with Halo 4.

-The last thing that I believe will change Halo fundamentally lies within the boundaries of Forge and Custom Game settings/ abilities. I have never been much of a forger so to me Halo 4 forge seemed great, however I have seen so many videos of people bashing its forge I had to see what was up. So I spoke to some of my friends who are avid forgers. They explained to me that zoom and slowly moving objects which I believe is called fine tuning was taken out. I began to see how this could get frustrating. So bringing those back would be my suggestion and not taking them out ever again, adding new things is refreshing, but don’t fix what isn’t broken. Instead improve and expand upon it rather than downgrade. Also, I have always been a fan of customs however I have always felt that there were limitations to what you could do, so I believe I have come up with a solution that is two words “Toggle Options.” Imagine what you could do with toggle sprint or red X upon death, or if you spawn with ammo in your gun or if you can fire your weapon at all. Sure some would be useless but they would still be there should someone have an idea. When I mean toggle options I literally mean everything, next to every option should be an ON/OFF to allow the creator to make whatever they want without any restrictions. New things should be added as well such as a toggle sprint, or even being able to turn off melee, to really make the game play the way people want to play(and no I don’t hate sprint I actually prefer it but everything should have toggle options). This would make Halo one of the most flexible games on the market.

Lastly, Thank you for reading this lengthy post. As I stated earlier I really enjoy this game, I hope I did not come off offensive, I just wanted to bring to light anything that was previously shrouded in darkness. 343i I hope you see this, I think you have done an excellent job thus far however a little constructive criticism never hurt especially since this is your first attempt, and a valiant one at that. Thanks for continuing this series I am excited for the future, best of luck.

P.S Covenant object/structure palate in forge?

P.S.S I have revised this post and have forgot one thing, 343i should you happen to see this my departing suggestion to you would be to start moving towards arena style maps like in the previous Halo’s, I like the maps in this game but I strongly believe much of Halo’s past successes can be attributed to its maps. Even bringing back some re-skinned classics like guardian, construct, sanctuary, warlock, or narrows would be wonderfully refreshing and would make a lot of people happy. However, some newly thought 343 style arena maps would be cool as well. Also if your worried about smaller maps like guardian being unbalanced, toggle options like sprint would make them play exactly as before, just a thought.

Second fastest firing rate with the largest flinch and aim assist range of any starter weapon is bad. Really bad.

You’re flinching enemies harder, you’re flinching them more often, and you are recovering from flinch easier because of the aim assist. This weapon is designed to -Yoink- on anything else in a 1v1 duel.

I dunno.

It’s hard to come by because everyone uses the DMR. You aren’t going to gain Lightrifle ammo by killing DMR users.

Weapon Despawn
It’s faster because there are WAY too many power weapons in play at once. Less power weapons is a necessity.

Custom games and Forge
EVERYTHING you listed is a necessity. Everything.

If you’re considering feedback from a competitive standpoint, the BOLT SHOT fixes itself when the weapon is used in a non-motion tracker game. The weapon is OP because players always know when others are rounding the corner. I have played and watched many games with competitive settings, even if it was a starting weapon, it loses its OPness when motion tracker turned off. ← which clearly, on the PRO gametypes shows how good Halo could be on Halo 4.

Another thing is the weapon drops, they need to be on a timer and pre-defined. Non of these random drops and take into consideration how often they drop. The doubles should not have power weapons on a 90 second timer. The SNIPER NEVER RUNS OUT! 12 shots every 90 seconds, unless the other team is none- stop rushing, you don’t get off 12 shots. Once you ripe a face or two off, they stop showing their faces on clear lanes and the next sniper then appears.

Ammo reduction or double timer length needs to be considered.