current halo 4 thoughts

i like halo 4 allot tho i have some problems adjusting to it i kinda felt more at home with the other halos

but still they did a great job at halo for their first game

  • tho i thought 343 consisted of former bungie staff?

also the people whining about sprint and AA should just -Yoink- off
seriously if they didnt add this everyone would be like

theyre just like cod pooping the same game out every title nothing has changed etc

also games need to change with their time and adept to gamers who want more out of a game instead of same -Yoink- all over again they want to see new options

btw props for 343 for ordnance dropps i love em u gotta earn points by killing or assisting ur team and u get awarded with a weapon to continue ur streak or assistance

onfurtunately they did a step back in forge in my opinion i like forge but the maps suck balls

seriously i think every forger would be happy to see forge world return or
atleast a forge map the size of forge world with more flat surface and less ocean (dont delete the ocean it makes for awsome D-Day recreations)

a big disapointment for me was armor costumization in h4 i feel like
the armor

1)makes no sense
2)is ugly
3)is uninteresting
4)is uncreative

i think the ultimate fix would be to add 3 armor types ingame

  1. light armor (would include variants of scout or same design)

  2. normal armor (like masterchief)

  3. heavy armor (like jorge from reach)

this would add allot of diversity and everyone can make their ultimate dream spartan also if ur more into heavy weapons or like to be in the thick of the action u can customiz ur spartan to look like he fits tht role

obvious example is

light armor - stays at range with dmr and goes for sniper whn it respawns
and enjoys being sneaky with camo

mid armor - casual guy tht prefers to drive and shoot everyone with everything

heavy armor - guy tht likes looking badass and heavy and occasionaly rips of gun turret to walk around with it

just to clearify this is only for people tht like getting in their role im not saying people with light armor cannot carry heavy weapons or heavy armor cant pick up snipers

its just for roleplay and it will make this game look so much better and bigger and and fuller with options

post ur ideas of the game currently bellow and wht u would like to see added

also wht i forgot to ask is

why is there no mammoth or pelican in multiplayer? or atleast forge they already got the models in campaign it would add for so much more diversity and it would be straight epic

ps: love how much bigger they made the mammoth in campaign its a entire base (wich was the reason mammoth were build anyways to create a mobile base)

so please 343 include the mammoth and peilican from campaign in atleast forge or some btb maps u might have made + forge world in ur next expansion and me as many others will be sure to buy it

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