Curated / personal store. (items you don't own.)

3-6 item second store tab.

Weighted to contain only items you personally do not possess.
But only pulls from items that have already appeared once.

You could apply filters to influence potential drops.
Season, price range, etc.

Nah. Just rework the store so that EVERY BUNDLE EVER is present and the weekly/daily rotation is either new items added or items on discount.

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It would absolutely be an improvement over what we have now but it sounds potentially difficult to implememnt while still being quite restrictive. Anything that adds more items more often is welcome though.

Permanent availability of all items would be ideal but I’m guessing its something they don’t want to do.

Well, they are going to have to do it eventually.

Let’s take a look at the shop as it stands right now.
3 Weekly Items
1 Daily Item

Currently, there are bundles for the following -

  • Mark VII Gen-3 Armor Core
  • Mark V [B] Armor Core
  • Rakshasa Armor Core
  • Yoroi Armor Core
  • Eaglestrike Armor Core
  • Warthog / Rocket-Hog / Razorback
  • Mongoose / Gungoose
  • Wasp
  • Scorpion
  • Assault Rifle
  • Battle Rifle
  • Commando Rifle
  • Sidekick
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Hydra Launcher
  • A.I. Cosmetics
  • Playercard Personalities
  • Kill Effects
  • Armor Effects
  • Mythic Effects

Next Season will add into the rotations —

  • Mirage SPI Armor Core bundles
  • Season-3-Fractures Armor Core bundles
  • Bandit Rifle cosmetics
  • And more misc item bundles

As the life-span of Halo Infinite continues onwards, will have HUNDREDS of bundles… rotating 3 per week and 1 daily with seemingly the daily rotations copying the same three items per week.
Lets say you want the HAZOP Armor Bundle.
It was only in the shop for one week since launch and you missed out because it was too expensive and didn’t buy it.
Now it is Season 9 and since then 343 has added the following bundle options to the roster —

  • S4 Canon Armor Core
  • S4 Fractures Armor Core
  • S5 Canon Armor Core
  • S5 Fractures Armor Core
  • S6 Canon Armor Core
  • S6 Fractures Armor Core
  • S7 Canon Armor Core
  • S7 Fractures Armor Core
  • S8 Canon Armor Core
  • S8 Fractures Armor Core
  • S9 Canon Armor Core
  • S9 Fractures Armor Core
  • M7/Caseless & M7/Caseless Suppressed
  • M6D Magnum
  • M45E Tactical Shotgun
  • AV-14 Hornet VTOL
  • UH-114 Falcon VTOL

If the shop does not get reworked sometime soon, then good luck getting the HAZOP bundle you so desire.

A rework needs to happen that makes ALL bundles available 24/7