Cube Rooted - Players Needed.

Dear Halo 4 Community:

I am in the need of fellow Halo 4 players. I am not interested in joining any clans or gaming communities. Now if your gaming community is just a collection of halo players who play together I am interested.

I am just getting back into Halo 4 and I need players who can help me focus my skills to where I want them to be. This will hopefully be done through warm up custom games, discussion over in game tactics, and making new friends.

There is no need to change any profile information or any in game components such as emblem or armor. The only thing I require is that you have a positive K/D ratio or show me that your K/D ratio does not matter due to siblings. If you have any weapon preferences due to individual skill then I am going to embrace that not hold you back.

The last thing that I am looking for are players that just want to play Halo and have a fun time. Message me on Xbox Live @ Cube Rooted for more information.


Cube Rooted.